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model 1400RC portable bench-top abrading station
Model 1400RC
Portable bench-top abrading station for abrasive blasting of small parts

Description Order # Price
1400 only (no abrading pencil) RC12 $518.00.00
1400RC with 1/16" abrading pencil RC13 $751.00
1400RC with 1/8" abrading pencil RC14 $759.00
1400RC and 1312 Vac combo
with 1/8" pencil
SC20 $1070.00
1400RC and 1312 Vac combo
with 1/16" pencil
SC21 $1062.00
1/16" Carbide Tip AB13 $14.89
1/8" Carbide Tip AB52 $28.89
1400RC 1/16" Carbide Handpiece & Pickup RC20 $96.00
1400RC 1/16" Carbide Handpiece & Pickup RC18 $112.00
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The Aubin 1400RC is an easy-to-use bench-top abrading station with a built-in recycling abrading pencil, designed to work with a variety of media. This unit is equipped with handports and gloves to allow manual finishing and positioning of parts. Typical applications include deburring of parts, polishing parts,etching parts and cleaning parts, plus many other finishing applications. A range of finishes from matte to bright may be achieved, depending on the abrasive used. This unit ensures efficient finishing of many types of small parts, including jewelry finishing, electronic parts finishing,dental part finishing, glass etching and cleaning fine instruments.


  • is made of impact and abrasive-resistant plastic, for long life and easy cleaning.
  • has a safety glass window that allows clear views of illuminated interior.
  • uses an airflow slot to minimize window fogging.
  • has a hinged cover to accommodate various size pieces.
  • has handports that include rubber gloves to protect hands and minimize leakage.
  • features a front plug that allows for easy removal of media, simplifying the changeover to a different type or size.
  • has a built-in blaster that recycles grit.
  • comes complete with a compressed air filter, air pressure regulator and foot control pedal for easy cycling.

With the top open, this model provides ample room for pre-positioning of various size pieces. When the top is closed, the operator can readily direct the blasting pencil for maximum abrading action. Unit is available with 1/8" or 1/16" pencil assembly.

Cabinet Size: 16" deep x 19" high x 24" wide
Compressed Air: 6.5 cfm at 100 psi
Media: Glass bead, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide grit: #80 to #300
Nozzle Size: 1/8" or 1/16"

Keep work station clean by removing burrs, contaminants and spent media with optional Model 1312 Venturi Vacuum unit or by using any shop vacuum.

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