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Micro abrasive blaster
Micro Abrasive Blaster
Miniature air-abrasive blast system: a low-cost system with quality features

Description Order # Price
Micro Abrasive Blaster –
.030 Nozzle
AB75 $519.00
Micro Abrasive Blaster – 
.020 Nozzle
AB76 $519.00
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miniature air-abrasive blaster

Aubin's Micro Abrasive Blaster is a simple but well-made system designed to entrain extremely fine abrasive particles in a high-velocity air stream, and to then direct the resultant air-abrasive jet by means of a miniature hand piece. The result is an extremely versatile, shockless machining system that can perform a wide variety of operations on extremely hard and/or fragile materials.

In any air-abrasive blast system, the cutting efficiency is primarily a function of the air pressure just before the exit nozzle. Most high-priced systems utilize a vibratory abrasive feed system that permits the full incoming line pressure to be effective at the exit nozzle. Our Micro Abrasive Blaster, while economically priced, employs a unique pneumatic abrasive feed system and utilizes full incoming line pressure at the discharge nozzle. As a result, it is as fully effective in its cutting action as systems selling for 5 times its price.


  • Heavy-duty stainless steel canister
  • Self-venting safety lock
  • Fully pneumatic operation
  • Quick-change tungsten-carbide nozzles
  • Full-pressure feed system for optimum cutting action
  • Quick abrasive powder re-fill
  • Only one moving part; minimal maintenance
  • Easy to set-up and use

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