abrasive blasters from A.E. Aubin Company
pencil and pick-up assemblies These Pick-Up Assemblies are not intended for replacements in our 1400RC or 2100VAB Cabinets. Please call for those part numbers.
Pencil and Pick-Up Assemblies
For sandblasting small parts in larger cabinets

Description Order # Price
AB54 with 1/16" tip AB54 $113.00
AB13 1/16 Carbide tip for the AB54 AB13 $14.89
AB56 with 1/8" tip AB56 $129.00
AB52 1/8 Carbide tip for the AB56 AB52 $28.89
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The Aubin Pencil and Pick-up Assembly is designed to be added to larger cabinets so that they can be utilized for the finishing of smaller parts. The unit requires a filtered air supply at pressures up to 125 psi and abrasive flow is controlled by a thumb screw on the flow control assembly. The pencil's 5' long flexible hose ensures easy maneuverability.

The pencil is available with two tip sizes; 1/16" diameter for use with grit size up to #100 (122 microns); and 1/8" diameter for use with grit size up to #60 (254 microns). Both size tips are replaceable and can be furnished in either ceramic or carbide.

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